Athos is an one man band from Kalamata (South Hellas, Peloponnesus). Kerveros is behind all instruments and vocals. Athos created in 2003. The lyrical theme is about ancestor worship, and the awakening of the ancient world against this modern judeochristian world. Athos took the name from the Ancient Titan “Άθωνας ( Athos)”.

Historical Notes

According to the Theogonia of Hesiod during the titan war Athos was the ancient titan that took a huge rock and threw it against Poseidon (God Of Sea). The rock missed its target and landed in the third foot of Khalkidhiki. The rock made a huge crash and created a mountain that till nowadays we call it mountain Athos. In the ancient years on that mountain were temples mostly dedicated to ancient Hellenic goddesses, like Artemis, Hera, etc.
Now Christian churches are built on the ruins of those temples and nothing reminds of the ancient beauty once existed.


The first demo was a self-released CD r. entitled “RETURN TO THE HELLENIC LANDS”
Three songs and one intro was a good start and despite the bad production and its bad sound the audience looked quite positive to it. Using a samick guitar and just a zoom petal for the recordings I couldn’t expect for better results. The existing Recording and mixing experience was not enough also.


The second demo was also a self-released CD r. “The Awakening of Athos” had 5 songs and one intro. With much improved sound and a little more experience in recordings, I had made
One step more than the first demo. Still the sound wasn’t perfect.
The same year recorded the song  “The 300 Spartans” which also made  a V-clip. It was the first attempt to do this, but again the experience I had was not enough. An upload on youtube was enough for me to understand that I had to be more careful in the future.
The comments were not positive and they were right about it.


Looking for a synthetic identity for the band I recorded two new songs. “Beyond The Darkest Horizon” and “Symphony Of The Night”.  It was the first time I realized what I wanted with my music. Influenced by bands like Burzum, Naer  Mataron and Gorgoroth these two songs were enough to make me clear about what music path should I choose. That period I was looking for a band to make a split. So another one man band from Hellas Exetheris agreed to participate in it. Even though the split was initially planned to have no limitation, finally due to a clash between Exetheris and me, only 50 copies were printed. The split was also a self-release CD-r.


Candarian Demon productions a new label from U.S.A. heard my songs from myspace.
They asked me if I had that period anything ready to release a full-length.
I answered that I hadn’t anything new just the songs from the first two Demos.
The result was a 3 year contract with the Label and also the release of  my first full-length
The Awakening Of Athos. The first full length actually was a combination of songs from the first two Demos.
The same year Atrocious a Band from Cyprus asked me for a split. So during the period that the full-length was on press, it was a good opportunity to experiment with new songs and test new sounds. The split with Atrocious took positive critics from zines and the audience.
Also the song “Ares Worship (God Of War)” became a V-clip.


The second full-length “Crossing The River Of Charon” released by Candarian Demon Pro. Eight brand new songs with better sound and production. The reviews were very positive and also the album was for a week in the top 10 charts on
Also in CTROC it was the first time I had guest vocals. Talos (Enshrine, Naer Mataron “session”) and Astrous (Ex. Black Winter, Aenaon). Also the artwork created by N.E.C.R.O. (Enshadowed).
The same year a single CD-r entitled “As The Shadows Dance” was self-released in 100 copies. Also took part in a CD compilation released By Razorbleed Productions.


Working with new recording equipment and more experience,
The longest journey was a self-released single CD-r which also included the V-clip of the track. The reviews were very positive both for the song and the clip.
The Same year I recorded two new songs The Trip Of Argo and Essetai Hmar.
The songs took part in the split with Lykauges entitled “Visions Inside The Dusk”.
The reviews were more than positive this time as the new equipment ensured me better sound production results.


Was the year of surprises for me as I never thought I could ever make a Live with Athos.
It was a great experience. Of course nothing could be done without the help of Marios in Drums (Angstridden), Ghoul in bass (The Conjuring) and Ierofantis in rhythm guitars (Nekysia). Also all thanks goes to Neda Productions and Naer Mataron.

After 2 years of silence I returned with the third Athos album entitled  ‘’Dreadnought’’.
Dreadnought was released by a new Colombian label ‘’Sephira Daath Productions’’. After almost a year he sent me only 30 copies and with the layouts of the album wrong cut, I was disappointed by that label so I decided to take the situation in my hands and reprint the layouts.  With so little copies the distribution was very poor and as I could see the label did nothing. When I told him to send me better layouts, he said ok, but till 2016 I am still waiting for them... So with Dreadnought everything fucked up (I had even post an announcement on my site about this in 2012). Anyway…This album release was very very very limited I suppose. About the music I am satisfied but as for the drums I am not. The mixing and mastering was done by Vangelis Papadopoulos (STENDOR) a professional musician that i had the chance with him to learn a lot of new things about mixing and mastering so to use them in my future songs. The drum-machine was not what I was expecting to be. I really had to configure for the future what was wrong and never to make same mistakes both in music and on choosing labels. Dreadnought officialy released in 2013 as that year i started to distribute it.

Learning a lot about mixing and mastering and also find better ways to make the drum-machine not to look awful, in 2013 I recorded 2 new songs that took part in a self-release split with my Northern brothers from Kastoria (LORD IMPALER) ‘’ The final vow’’ and ‘’Αείζωον Πύρ’’. Testing new techniques and adding new ideas in my music I was very satisfied with the result. The split went very good and took positive critics from zines and the audience. The artwork was made by Tragon (Lord Impaler).